Employee Induction & Onboarding Solutions for New Hire Training

Learning programs that help your new employees onboard seamlessly.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is a crucial activity that decides how your new team members look up to the organization and how quickly they get integrated into the team culture. Poor onboarding or no onboarding can have a lasting impact on employee morale and confidence. Employees can turn disinterested and not give their best when performing tasks. Onboarding sets the tone for a long-lasting relationship with the organization.

With respect to onboarding, we focus on the following learning programs and more:

  • About the business environment, what’s working, and challenges.
  • About the people, such as the culture and values of the team and organization.
  • About the stakeholders.
  • About job roles and expectations.

What value do ‘Induction’ and ‘Onboarding’ training bring to learners?

New employees have high hopes and expectations when they join an organization. They need to understand the work and team culture as well as know the organization’s values, mission, and vision.

Onboarding is a great opportunity for the employer to help the employees integrate themselves into the organization, and understand the organization’s vision, mission, and goals. This helps the new hires take up their roles with enthusiasm and put their best foot forward. Onboarding is also an opportunity to get the new hires to know about fellow team members, peers, and most importantly their team lead or manager quickly.

Why should organizations and L&D teams invest in ‘Induction’ and ‘Onboarding’?

An organization should invest in a good induction and onboarding program as it goes a long way in helping build a good relationship with employees. Employees aspire and want to associate with the organization they are working for. An organization would want to welcome new hires with zeal and high hopes. It is important that initial training and interaction sessions are meaningful and engaging. Be it the classroom training sessions or eLearning sessions they need to be engaging and interactive sessions so that the new hires are fully engaged and get to know the organization better.

Successful induction and onboarding can always be looked at as a journey before the actual journey of an employee once he/she joins an organization. There could be many stages is probably best thought of in several stages, like:

  • Campus interview, being shortlisted and hired.
  • Till the day before the recruit starts his/her new job.
  • The first day of an employee’s job.
  • The first week of an employee’s job.
  • The first month of an employee’s job.

What are the benefits of ‘Induction’ and ‘Onboarding’?

There are several key benefits of onboarding and induction.

  1. Better understanding of the brand and the company and its various divisions
  2. More relatability to the company culture
  3. Better understanding of company policies

How can Tesseract Learning help you with ‘Onboarding’ for effective learning?

The success of an onboarding program depends on how well the pre-induction and induction programs are developed and delivered to ensure that new hires have the best possible experience.

We ensure that our solutions benefit your employees in terms of knowledge of your company which in turn helps them to deliver well in their jobs. Our tasks are designed to drive positive morale with an intent to instil the thought of having a longer tenure, right from day one. The logical mind would say, it takes on an average of 3-6 months to start showing effective performance numbers but ingraining that mindset from day 1, could very well lower this duration.

We at Tesseract Learning ensure that ‘Onboarding’ programs have the following characteristics:

Engaging Training Programs

It is important that initial training and interaction sessions are meaningful and engaging. The eLearning sessions should be engaging and interactive so that the new hires are engaged and get to know the organization better. Thus, the eLearning programs we create are engaging and helpful in creating the right onboarding experience.

Off-the-Shelf as well as Bespoke Training Solutions

When new hires join the organization, they look up to the brand of the organization. It is pertinent that the training includes a good mix of bespoke or custom solutions and off-the-shelf training with organization branding on specific topics and skills that you want to train your employees on.

Gamification for Motivation

Introduce fun and frolic into your onboarding and induction journeys. It is as good as welcoming someone new into a family, who is looking forward to a journey to remember. This is also where the first step into the world of VR could come in, in the form of a virtual office tour. Various HR elements like organization history, policies, organizational achievements, events, career progression journeys, medical and grievances support could be delivered using instructor-led training or eLearning.

The other way to look at this is creating various learning themes for understanding more about the company’s vision, security protocols, business verticals, external partners, products, services, etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and the exploratory path is far more.

Continuous Learning Journey

A good onboarding program works well only when there are adequate follow-up training and materials that help the new hires. The Continuous Learning Journey is a concept where the learners are provided periodic support or learning materials to ensure that they don’t forget the learning gained through formal training. Generally, the learners forget at least 70% of what they learnt one week after the training. However, microlearning nuggets or supplementary material provided after the training at regular intervals can go a long way in helping learners remember key concepts and thereby give them a chance to apply them better. The continuous learning journey thus includes performance support or microlearning nuggets.

We use good mechanisms to ensure that you deliver the best continuous learning journey experiences through the programs we develop for delivery using your LMS or LXP.

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