Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

At Tesseract Learning, we are committed to transforming the way you experience learning. Our innovative solutions combine cutting-edge technology with effective instructional design to deliver engaging and impactful learning experiences. Explore our demo page to get a glimpse of how our solutions can revolutionize your training and education initiatives.

Custom eLearning solutions

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Our learning experts combine creativity, learning methodologies, extensive knowledge in adult learning principles along with numerous tools and technologies to craft solutions that help you advance your learner’s critical skills, help them gain new skills, increase engagement, improve performance and build a strong corporate culture. Contact us to book an interactive demo on our leading custom eLearning services tailored for your needs.
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Microlearning Solutions

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Microlearning is more than just content chunking. It is just-in-time, easily accessible and relevant. Contact us for a detailed intteractive demo on our leading microlearning solutions.
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Mobile Learning Solutions

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Mobile Learning is the most preferred mode of learning. Our seasoned digital learning experts understand Mobile Learning strategies very well, from design to technical considerations and user experience. By understanding the learners’ mobile usage habits and preferences, and using impactful approaches along with relevant interactions, we can create the right Mobile Learning solutions for your learners to enjoy the learning and perform better. Contact us for an interactive demo on our leading mobile learning solutions.
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Gamification Solutions

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Creativity, problem solving, critical and analytical thing, decision making can all be found in Game-based Learning. We combine our deep expertise in game-based instructional design and visual design to create immersive, engaging and memorable Game-based Learning solutions. Contact us for an interactive demo on our gamification and game-based learning solutions.
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Most training is not memorable because it is not interactive and engaging. Our instructor-led training materials for both face-to-face and virtual medium equip your instructors to deliver impactful training with increased engagement levels that improves retention and helps your employees perform better. Contact us for an interactive demo on our ILT/VILT services.
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Video-Based Learning

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Videos have time and again proven to be the method to “break the internet”. Explore the world of immersive and dynamic learning through Tesseract Learning's video-based learning solutions. Our cutting-edge technology combined with effective pedagogy brings learning to life like never before.
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Localization Solutions

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As your business expands globally and hires people in new regions, it becomes essential to tailor your training courses to suit the local language and culture. Using the right templates, content and imagery is of utmost importance to make the courses engaging and effective for learners. Our experts understand these nuances and analyze your requirements at the initial stages concerning the target audience, geographies, content and suggest the right localization strategy. Contact us to book an interactive demo on localization, tailor made for your requirement.
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VR/AR Solutions

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are increasingly being adopted to deliver training. Step into a new dimension of learning with our virtual reality (VR) experiences. Engage all your senses as you explore realistic environments and tackle challenges in ways that were never before possible. From historical reenactments to immersive language learning, our VR solutions redefine the boundaries of learner engagement.
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