Microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient – Journal of applied psychology

Microlearning is more than just content chunking. It is just-in-time, easily accessible, and relevant. Microlearning modules are small pieces of focused “right-sized” content that help learners accomplish a specific learning outcome.

Microlearning engages your employees to improve efficiencies and improve business outcomes as they sync with your business priorities at the required pace.

Not just that, you can combine Microlearning with other proven approaches like Gamification, Mobile Learning, Video-based learning and more, based on your need to create a higher impact.

Words of encouragement

Tesseract worked with us to develop a client’s module. They were extremely easy to work with. They listened to our needs and delivered exactly what we wanted. The process was very easy and well project managed.
CEO, Leading eLearning company in Australia
Responsiveness, passion to take on projects, and smooth execution to take the projects to success! Challenging their boundaries and striving for exceeding customer expectations is a strong pillar in Tesseract’s growth!
Learning Manager, Akamai Technologies

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Case Study

Hospitality Course

This course entails a short and engaging illustration-based video for a Hospitality customer. We used Microlearning as a follow-up strategy to the original course that teaches various concepts related to hospitality management.

In the hospitality industry, especially in resorts and hotels, several standard operating procedures are taught to the employees that they need to do right to gain customer confidence.

The original course was 2 hours long covering all the standard operating processes. Microlearning nuggets were created to cover key objective for easy recall and help employees at their moment of need.

Enhances productivity and ROI

Learning driven by well-defined objectives and of short duration helps learners in manifolds. You can instantly see increased retention, better completion rates, repeat learning leading to better productivity and large-scale savings for the organization.

Using Microlearning strategies in your training will improve productivity and create a positive ROI by enabling your learners to develop and sustain core skills and competencies.

You can deploy Microlearning courses in your LMS or use a platform like KREDO, to create and publish Microlearning courses with ease, roll-out seamlessly and track the performance of learners with intuitive analytics.


Value for money

Microlearning can deliver more value for your money in the following ways:

Saves time

Address specific learning needs and save time with Microlearning courses that are short and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime on the device of a learners choice.

Interactive and flexible

Learners can choose from a wide range of topics that are specific to their work. Microlearning courses can be built using gamified interactivities and videos, amongst others making them highly interactive to teach even the most boring concepts effectively.

Promotes employee productivity and requires minimum effort

As Microlearning nuggets are built to fulfil a specific learning need and learners spend only the right time for learning the topics on hand, it reduces the overall effort and time and increases their productivity.