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Mobile learning helps you deliver Digital Learning anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Mobile Learning (or mLearning) is the most preferred mode of learning over traditional eLearning. Mobile Learning helps employees learn at their own pace by enabling them to access the courses on their devices. Through repetition and smart pacing, learners benefit in terms of better understanding and increased productivity.

Words of encouragement

Tesseract Learning is innovative, creative and great to work with. I like how they worked with me as a partner, generating ideas and delivering on deadlines
Director Training at Xactware, A Verisk Business
Tesseract worked with us to develop a client’s module. They were extremely easy to work with. They listened to our needs and delivered exactly what we wanted. The process was very easy and well project managed.
CEO, Leading eLearning company in Australia

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Case Study

Code of Conduct

This course on Code of Conduct is part of a series on behavorial training topics. This set of courses was created to deliver a fully responsive solutions to run all devices. We also revamped the courses with compelling scenarios, activities and interactions. The seamless learner experience across all the device saw higher retention and completion rates.

Learning flexibility leading to better performance

Mobile learning is more than just desktop-based digital learning for smaller screen sizes. It is supposed to be visually rich and engaging experience regardless of the device the learners use.

Our seasoned digital learning experts understand the mobile learning strategies very well, from the design to technical considerations and user experience.

By understanding the learners’ mobile usage habits and preferences, and using impactful approaches along with relevant interactions, we can create the right Mobile Learning solutions for your learners to enjoy the learning and perform better.


Mobile learning is versatile and cost-effective

Mobile learning is both cost-effective and versatile as compared to traditional eLearning in the following ways:

Enhanced learning that leads to better performance

Learners prefer learning methods that are in sync with their daily activities. This just-in-time and need-based learning helps learners achieve high performance at the workplace in terms of solving problems, performing specific tasks and enhancing skills quickly.

Multi-device learning that promotes learning flexibility

Learners can access courses on a device of their choice and learn at their own pace. This flexibility makes learning more engaging and intuitive. It also helps employers to continue encouraging the BYOD strategy.

Using best authoring Using authoring tool of your choice

We offer Mobile learning course development using either Custom HTML5 framework or the authoring tool of your choice. Our expertise of authoring tools is listed below: