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Mobile Learning Helps You Deliver Digital Learning Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device

Mobile Learning (or mLearning) is the most preferred mode of learning over traditional eLearning. This helps employees learn at their own pace by enabling them to access the courses on their devices. Through repetition and smart pacing, learners benefit in terms of better understanding and increased productivity.
To us, Mobile Learning means **‘Easy Access to Education for All’. **

As an eye opener, Mobile Learning beyond what you think it provides is also a strength to aid in supplementing formal training, adding versatile gaming capabilities, and increasing seamless communication with learners.

Let’s now dive deeper.

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What is ‘Mobile Learning’?

Mobile Learning is learning that is accessible through your smartphones or tablets and is basically, learning on the go.

The great part is that Mobile Learning can be taken at home or during commuting. Learners are in a comfortable zone when they can learn at their own pace, anywhere anytime. This learning content is still trackable as the content is hosted on LMS.

What value does ‘Mobile Learning’ bring to learners?

Mobile Learning is more than just desktop-based digital learning for smaller screen sizes. It is supposed to be a visually rich and engaging experience regardless of the device the learners use.
Mobile Learning helps learners:

  1. Learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device leading to better course completion rates.
  2. To receive bite-sized delivery leads to faster learning.
  3. By improving retention of their knowledge and allowing for information recall.
  4. To receive personalized learning leads to a higher rate of engagement.
  5. To access content easily, or rather ease of availability.
  6. Responsive design leads to easy adoption and future-proofing of the content.

Why should organizations and L&D teams invest in ‘Mobile Learning’?

Employees feel motivated to learn new topics if they know that they can take the learning materials anywhere and on a handheld device of their choice; especially when they know that they do not have time to learn during their office hours.

Mobile devices allow for a variety of media to be launched such as video, audio, images, and short games for the right engagement. So, the content type is not a restriction.

The key aspect of mobile delivery is the power of responsive design that is being developed using a variety of frameworks/tools. This allows for creating varied types of templates and designs.

What are the benefits of ‘Mobile Learning’?

Mobile Learning is both cost-effective and versatile as compared to traditional eLearning in the following ways:

Learn Anywhere, Anytime Leading To Better Course Completion Rates

Mobile Learning allows for flexibility by eliminating the need for learning to happen at a particular time and place. Mobile Learning takes learning flexibility to another level by making instructional content like videos, podcasts, and other multimedia formats available on smartphones and mobile devices. Learners have the added advantage of accessing the content wherever and whenever they want. Mobile Learning seamlessly integrates learning into the daily routine of the learner, which results in successful course completion and retention of knowledge.

Improves Knowledge Retention and Information Recall

Mobile Learning leads to improved knowledge retention thanks to the fact that learners are more likely to remember crisp and concise data at the moment of need, which they find relevant and relatable. Thus, they will be able to recall information while at work and perform their job to the best of their ability, given that they have committed the subject matter to their long-term memory.

Responsive Design Leading to Easy Adoption And Future Proofing The Content

We have all experienced how certain websites that look great on our PCs do not come across well on our smartphones. And same would be true for Mobile Learning if it were not for responsive design. Responsive design enables the interface to adapt to multiple device sizes, whether it’s desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Responsive design goes hand-in-hand with Mobile Learning. This shift has helped to “future-proof” the content and design, as mobile technology advances.

Driving Learners Towards Innovative Learning

Allows for easy implementation of experimental learning and roll-out of dynamic content. New-age personal devices can be used to access course materials, assessments, simulations, assignments, reinforcements, etc. that have been tailored according to the learners’ abilities, enabling progress to be tracked accordingly. This is helpful since the learner profile is now diverse.

Dropout Reduction and Increase in Retention

Mobile Learning showcases content in a pleasantly visual way where the big lessons (content) are broken down into small chunks. Nugget-based content leads to retaining the attention of the learner, resulting in a higher completion rate and greater levels of retention.

How does ‘Mobile Learning’ help organizations?

  1. Owing to the non-availability of tailored learning strategies at all times, learners can choose from various instructional media such as courses, videos, infographics, etc., to help them learn, improving engagement.
  2. In the event of a lack of SMEs to teach a topic, various resources come in handy to be accessed via mobile devices.
  3. Deeper analytics can be gathered in this type of learning, where trainers can decide on more parameters as mobile devices are thoroughly used in learning on the go.

How can Tesseract Learning help you leverage Mobile Learning for effective learning?

Learning Flexibility Leading to Better Performance

Our seasoned digital learning experts understand the Mobile Learning strategies very well, from the design to technical considerations and user experience.

By understanding the learners’ mobile usage habits and preferences, and using impactful approaches along with relevant interactions, we can create the right Mobile Learning solutions for your learners to enjoy the learning and perform better.

Our team of learning architects works closely with your team on every aspect of the course development cycle. This approach helps in delivering high-quality courses aligned with your business goals.

Mobile Learning is transforming learning for digital natives, and we are right where we need to be to take your journey ahead.

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