Engage learners in their language and cultural setup to enhance performance

If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.

We try to write in the vernacular – David Ogilvy

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We love the energy, creativity and freshness Tesseract brings to our interactions. I worked with Tesseract on creating training video content which were localized in 21 languages for our worldwide audience. Tesseract, almost always adhered to their delivery timelines and won us over by not compromising on quality.
IT Sales & After Sales, Enterprise Platforms (ITT/QIS), Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd.
Tesseract is very responsive and always looks to provide the most value.
eLearning Manager, leading Localisation company

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Improve efficiency

People learn most effectively when taught in the language they use every day. Localization of content and mapping it to the cultural set up provide huge benefits to global organizations to reach the audience effectively and improve their efficiency for better performance. eLearning localization has taken center-stage as eLearning can be reached to various geographies and people around the world faster.

With our experience of having localized eLearning courses in more than 37 languages using our expert native translators, reviewers, voice-over artists and linguistic reviewers, we offer our expertise to make your localization initiatives a success.


Efficient and effective Localization service

The success of the training projects of your globalized business greatly depends on using the right strategy and experts for “translation” and “localization” of your courses.

Professional Translation and Localization are essential, because they will drive efficiency and versatility in the following ways:

Learning in own language will lead for better performance

As your business expands globally and hires people in new regions, it becomes essential to tailor your training courses to suit the local language and culture. This will help you engage employees effectively in the training, improve application on the job and enhance their performance. eLearning localization is the key when implementing localization solutions for various geographies.

Developing quality content using best practices and right talent

Precisely translated and localized content is very important to appeal to the learners. To achieve this, using best practices of translation and localization is a must at every stage starting from pre-planning, selection of translators, reviewers and voice-over artists, integration to the final QA of the course before it is released. The eLearning localization process is for effective deployment of localized courses.

Promoting learning flexibility by multi-device localized courses

Localizing courses should be planned at the beginning of the original course development to ensure it runs smoothly across devices in all languages. Using the right templates, content and imagery is of utmost importance to make the courses engaging and effective for learners.

Our experts understand these nuances and analyze your requirements at the initial stages concerning the target audience, geographies, content and domain before suggesting the right localization strategy. This ensures that the translated courses are apt to engage the learners and enable them to apply the training effectively.