Engage learners in their language and cultural setup to enhance performance

When localizing eLearning content, the most critical features that need attention are:

• Written content.
• Audio and video (specifically, subtitling and voiceover).
• User experience elements (e.g., buttons, instruction handles, and menu items).

eLearning localization is all about adapting digital content to the language, learning style, demographics, culture, and context of a particular region or market.

Tesseract Learning: Localization

What is ‘Localization’?

Localization is the process of translating as well as creating the right learning experience using the images and content that suit the native sensibilities. For example, it is not just sufficient to translate an English course to an Arabic version. The images and cultural references should be local too. An audience based out of Arabia will have better relatability if the images, examples, and content resonate well with their culture.

What value does ‘Localization’ bring to learners?

Localization adds great value to the learning process thereby having better learnability. Many employees would prefer to have learning content in their language as that would help drive the concepts better. Learners learn better, leading to better application of the concepts at work.

What is the difference between eLearning ‘Localization’ and eLearning translation?

eLearning localization and eLearning translation significantly impact an eLearning program’s success. The former considers factors that may affect how the content is received while the latter focuses on the language of the learning content. Localization involves attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the culture and audience. Translation requires a good understanding of the appropriate grammar, sentence construction, choice of words, and means to articulate the content.

Therefore, localization plays a significant role.

Why should organizations and L&D teams invest in ‘Localization’?

People learn most effectively when taught in the language they use every day. Localization of content and mapping it to the cultural setup provide huge benefits to global organizations to reach the audience effectively and improve their efficiency for better performance. eLearning localization has taken center stage as eLearning can be reached various geographies and people around the world faster.

What are the benefits of ‘Localization’?

The success of the training projects of your globalized business greatly depends on using the right strategy and experts for the “translation” and “localization” of your courses.

Professional Translation and Localization are essential because they will drive efficiency and versatility in the following ways:

Better Impact Leading to Better Performance

Learning in own language will lead to better performance. As your business expands globally and teams spread across regions, it becomes essential to tailor your training courses to suit the local language and culture. This will help you engage employees effectively in the training, improve their application on the job and enhance their performance.

Localization Leading to Better Application of Concepts

Localization helps learners relate to the content better. A better appeal will help organizations go a long way in creating the right experience for their employees and thus leading to better learning thereby leading to better application of the concepts learnt.

Market Expansion

Reaching out to the global population is hastened via localization. The ability to connect with diverse groups of people becomes multifold. Localization helps speak their language and helps content be more culturally aligned, and better structured to resonate with learners during different types of training and learning interventions.

How can Tesseract Learning help you leverage ‘Localization’ for effective learning?

With our experience of having localized eLearning courses in more than 37 languages using our expert native translators, reviewers, voice-over artists, and linguistic reviewers, we offer our expertise to make your localization and translation initiatives a success.
We do what we can to build a logical structure for all eLearning courses, a framework that could cater to global workplaces as is or with minor tweaks. Most importantly, it is not just about localizing content but we also support in getting consistency via localization on key measurements like completion rate, engagement, learner feedback, assessment results, etc.

“If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.” – David Ogilvy

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