Employee Compliance Training & Online Workplace Regulations

Learning programs that help your learners keep abreast with the latest code, rules & regulations.

Employees in every organization need to be aware of the code, practices, industry rules, and regulations, especially those who are customer-facing or those who interact with third parties. It is also important that employees who are not customer-facing have a good understanding of compliance concerning data or information security, internal code of conduct, and product-related aspects.

A safer workplace, a better workplace, and a quality workplace, all resonate closely with compliance. And this could mean compliance with internal norms and policies or external regulations and guidelines.

Compliance Training

What is ‘Compliance’?

Compliance training is one of the mandatory trainings that employees are asked to complete by many organizations. The essence of compliance training is to keep the employees abreast of rules, regulations, or some mandatory checks that need to be performed as part of their day-to-day tasks. An example of compliance is to Anti-Bribery or Anti-Money Laundering in banks. Some aspects, where Compliance training is a really vital area in matters related to:

  1. Data protection and data privacy
  2. Occupational safety-related scenarios
  3. Anti-harassment situations
  4. Discrimination and sexual harassment aspects
    And more…

All the above points cut across various verticals and industries including healthcare, pharma, banking, manufacturing, and automotive.

What value does ‘Compliance’ training bring to learners?

Every employee of the organization needs to have a complete or thorough understanding of compliance, as a small mistake can lead to loss of money and reputation for the organization. Therefore, compliance training helps employees stay abreast with the latest regulations, applicable laws, and statutory aspects. Good compliance training ensure that learners have minimal chances of making mistakes in interpreting the crucial aspects.
Why should organizations and L&D teams invest in Compliance training?

Compliance training is not going to stick without the endorsement of the top management or senior leaders. The principles of compliance become stickier and more ingrained in the learners only if they see that their managers and seniors endorse the training and are equally excited about it.

Do we know where to begin with Compliance training?

The answer is, ‘Yes we do’. A few of the many dimensions we look into are:

  1. Anti-bribery
  2. Anti-money laundering
  3. Code of conduct
  4. HIPAA regulations
  5. OSHA regulations
  6. Fire Safety
  7. Risk management
    And more…

What are the benefits of ‘Compliance’ training?

There are several key benefits of compliance training.

  1. Better understanding of rules, regulations, and applicable laws.
  2. Better application of the concepts learnt in the training or digital learning sessions.
  3. Lesser probability of making mistakes when complying with the required procedures and mandates.
  4. Lesser risk to the organization as there is better employee awareness.
  5. Legal and regulatory compliance

How can Tesseract Learning help you leverage ‘Compliance’ for effective learning?

When we are developing compliance training modules, we consider several factors such as:

  1. What is the mode of training delivery?
  2. How effective or engaging they are?
  3. Are the current modules linear and completed for the sake of completion?
  4. What are the types of assessments being used to track completion?

Post the analysis, we provide our recommendations and strategies for the Compliance program development.

Compliance training can be built effectively using the following methods:

Make it Engaging

We can deliver the training in many interesting forms, but if the content is not relevant and engaging, we will lose most of our audience even before we get halfway through. When building compliance training, we need to make it emotional and personal by providing real cases of the negative consequences and out-of-compliance examples. Maybe it sticks to one’s memory longer. We can use videos of real-life employees talking about their experiences in compliance and safety. This will help learners understand why compliance training is important.

Using Scenarios

Compliance training is recommended to be built using scenarios as well as scenario-based assessments. Using branching scenarios to create dilemmas akin to real-life situations will put the learner at the center of the action and makes the learner’s experience more challenging and engaging. There is also a growing trend to make assessments more personalized. This can be achieved by moving the end-of-course assessments to the beginning of the course.

Using Gamification

At Tesseract, what we always drive is that employees must be encouraged to speak up about what’s going on around them and within their space so that the work environment is conducive to everyone’s comfort. And if we had to nail it down to what Compliance training means to us, here goes:

  1. Develop better policies and procedures to reduce an organization’s risk of non-compliance.
  2. Respect for diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the workplace.
  3. Elevate an organization’s reputation by investing in its employees to drive client success.
  4. Accurate mapping of organizational policies with their mission, vision, and values.
  5. Have employees trained in what’s relevant to building credibility for their organization.
  6. Avoid penalties, and defamation and ensure brand safety.

Compliance training is not corporate training and the importance given to the former must never be in comparison to any other training. Compliance training must be compulsory and ongoing rather than done at periodic intervals as a reaction to an occurrence.

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