LMS Management & Maintenance Solutions for Learning Systems

An LMS is one of the most essential components of a learning ecosystem of an organization. With a good LMS in place, organizations can administer courses, provide the necessary updates, schedule the training and lot more. LMS management and maintenance is crucial in the long-term for a learning organization.

What is LMS Management and Maintenance?

Whether you are a first-time user of a Learning Management System (LMS), or intending to buy an LMS for your learning needs, you require to maintain it and administer it with ease.

This is where you require some support, and Tesseract Learning has experience and expertise in working with partners to either setup an LMS and create the required architecture to support your learning needs.

What value does an LMS provide?

Taking a step back, LMS is a must for any organization that wants to administer digital learning or even Virtual Instructor led or other learning programs. It is imperative in today’s times to have a Robus LMS to administer a variety of learning assets, manage learners or users across the organization for effective learning.

With respect to most LMSs, there will usually be a blend of the following three questions. We are no different.

Do you want to build a new system?
Do you wish to buy a new system?
Do you intend to augment and enhance an existing system in-house?
as the choice isn’t as simple as it looks. But before we get to addressing what makes you choose your best option, here is what we provide:

• Bespoke Learning Platforms
• Learning Ecosystem
• Learning Portals
• LMS Management & Maintenance

So, the choice is yours, and we have the right solution that fits your needs.

Benefits of using an LMS such as Moodle

Moodle LMS proves its superiority to Enterprise LMSs in the following ways

Open Source and Free

The primary benefit of Moodle LMS is that it is available free of cost and can be deployed swiftly. Any organization or individual can install, run, share, and modify the open-source software to meet their specific needs. This makes Moodle an affordable and full-fledged LMS for any organization (commercial or non-commercial).

Simple and Easy to Manage Courses and Users

The user interface of Moodle LMS is easy for both the users to take and for the administrators to manage courses. You can add or remove a feature easily to meet users’ needs.

Flexibility to Build Reports for Better Analytics

Moodle LMS is highly flexible and allows plug-ins for creating any specific reporting format, tracking learners’ performance (overall or individual user), and taking timely remediation measures. It also facilitates better collaboration among users.

Though Moodle LMS is an open-source platform, it does require some skill set to configure, customize, function, and look the way one wants. This is where we bring in our expertise and assist you through the implementation of a customized Moodle LMS and train your team for hassle-free maintenance.

Our years of experience and development skills can make Moodle LMS your proprietary LMS. We ensure that both the training roll-out and management are smooth.

How can Tesseract Learning help you in managing your LMS?

We have experienced learning management system architects and administrators with years of experience in setting up the LMS of your choice (Moodle) and help administer it with the right strategies.

We also understand the technicalities such as SCORM 1.2 or 2004 and how to package modules to suit your requirements. Our team has the required knowledge to provide the right maintenance services that you require.

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