LMS Management and Maintenance

LMS Management and Maintenance

An economical alternative to expensive enterprise LMS.

“Moodle now dominates the sector just as Google dominates the search engine market” – Dr. Geoff Elliott.

Moodle LMS is a great platform to roll-out training successfully at a much lower cost as compared to an Enterprise LMS. With Moodle LMS, you can automate and centralize your training delivery and management. Moodle LMS is easy to customize, flexible and feature rich.

Moodle continues to be leader

When Dr. Geoff Elliott compared Moodle to Google in his editorial back in 2010, Moodle was dominating the market. Moodle still holds the leadership position and has 175+ Million users globally. It has been helping organizations globally to roll out training and educational programs systematically, track learners’ progress and take necessary remediation to enhance learners’ performance.

Key features

  1. Fully Customizable: Can be customized to meet specific customer needs.
  2. Easy-to-Use, Responsive Interface: Can access the LMS on any device.
  3. Easy Integrations: Can easily integrate with any HRM/HRIS systems, CRM, or other systems.
  4. Powerful, Safe, Secure: Backed by a community of developers who work on continuous enhancements.

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Moodle Always Impresses

The Moodle LMS system helps authors develop courses, interactive content and manage modules. It is a subtle yet simple way to connect the teachers/mangers with their students/learners. The able to setup a blended learning journey becomes pivotal and possible, through a combination of digital online media with traditional classroom methods. In addition to the standard Moodle LMS, we also specialize in a customized version thereby being better placed to cater a wide scope of distance learning needs for our customers.

In addition to this, we specialize in capabilities pertaining to integration with external systems and third-party tools. White labelling is a key feature with an availability of perpetual licenses. If requests come in with respect to SaaS, we extend support through the length and breadth of the implementation. When it comes to upgrading existing Moodle LMS to the current version, our prior expertise in complex projects places us in good stead. One of our core strategies also is the annual maintenance model and framework.

We have created the Learning path for the users to have the courses taken the other which they have to learn. The Big Blue Button plugin has now made web conferencing so simple. Not to mention the way you can envision learning pathways, learning paths, or learning programs, that can be defined in a sequential or non-sequential way that enables learners to broaden their knowledge or go in-depth into understanding a subject or topic, also made easy.

In terms of maintenance, we support LMS’s like Docebo, SABA, SuccessFactors, SumTotal, and Opigno. One of the stand-out offering we have is building custom analytics portal by accessing the data from other LMS’s via API’s and converting the data into visually rich reports, that are helpful from a learner as well as a leadership standpoint.

Moodle Is Versatile and Easily Deployable

Moodle LMS proves its superiority to Enterprise LMSs in the following ways

Open Source and Free

The primary benefit of Moodle LMS is that it is available free of cost and can be deployed swiftly. Any organization or individual can install, run, share, and modify the open-source software to meet their specific needs. This makes Moodle an affordable and full-fledged LMS for any organization (commercial or non-commercial).

Simple and Easy to Manage Courses and Users

The user interface of Moodle LMS is easy for both the users to take and for the administrators to manage courses. You can add or remove a feature easily to meet users’ needs.

Flexibility to Build Reports for Better Analytics

Moodle LMS is highly flexible and allows plug-ins for creating any specific reporting format, tracking learners’ performance (overall or individual user), and taking timely remediation measures. It also facilitates better collaboration among users.

Though Moodle LMS is an open-source platform, it does require some skill set to configure, customize, function, and look the way one wants. This is where we bring in our expertise and assist you through the implementation of a customized Moodle LMS and train your team for hassle-free maintenance.

Our years of experience and development skills can make Moodle LMS your proprietary LMS. We ensure that both the training roll-out and management are smooth.

General Content – Technology

A technology solution is competitively durable, when its adopters use it much beyond the initial adoption and intent they began with. In today’s world, where technology is taking forms and shapes never heard of before in the history of humanity, most solutions see an intensive usage spree and a massive utilization spike after the first roll-out. But there is a steady decline in the usage statistics after a while into the adoption. In contrast, a competitively durable platform continues to be regularly used.

With respect to most technology solutions, there will usually be a blend of the following three questions. We are no different.

  1. Do you want to build a new system?
  2. Do you wish to buy a new system?
  3. Do you intend to augment and enhance an existing system in-house?

at the choice isn’t as simple as it looks. But before we get to addressing what makes you choose your best option, here is what we provide.

  1. Bespoke Learning Platforms
  2. Learning Ecosystem
  3. Learning Portals
  4. LMS Management & Maintenance

Now, let’s look again. How do we handle the possibilities of the first three questions against the organization’s capacity to handle them? Technically speaking, a lot could be said like build versus buy analysis, feasibility study, etc. But we make it simple for you.

  1. What is the best approach to meeting your learning requirements?
  2. Have you identified the gaps even before thinking of plugging them?
  3. How much are you willing to invest in a solution?
  4. Will the benefit seen be worth the cost to the organization you represent?

Answering these questions will help the decision makers and key stakeholders determine the best technology solution that needs to be embraced.

One of the preliminary steps should be that you have already identified technologically proficient personnel who could take conversations ahead, and who could liaison with teams at your end and with us. The team might consist of:

  1. Someone with a good strategic understanding on the:
    • Vision
    • Brand Value
    • Long-term Learning Roadmap
  2. Someone with a thorough knowledge on:
    • Project Kick-Off
    • Project Planning
    • Project Implementation
    • Roadmap Creation
  3. Someone very familiar with the requirements that are related to the:
    • Business
    • Technical Aspects
    • Functional Aspects
  4. Someone very familiar with:
    • User Experience
    • Current System Capabilities
    • Extended Learning Ecosystem

If the solution must meet the needs of several types of user profiles and persona, representatives from each of those business functions being a part of the team will also add value. Depending on the size of the organization, it might also make sense to invite an outside consultant to facilitate this process more objectively.

Interoperability is key, so we work with you to provide custom learning platforms, intuitive learning portals and various other capabilities in the world of learning management systems.

Learning Portals

There is a thin line that separates a ‘Learning Portal’ from a ‘Learning Ecosystem’.

Just to reiterate, a learning ecosystem is a combination of multiple learning providers, managed by the learning partner, who orient their learning services towards customer needs. An ecosystem can focus on one or more customer needs. As a learning partner, we act as intermediary between you the organization and other learning providers. An important aspect of a learning ecosystem is the direct approach to fully (end-to-end) satisfy one or several customer learning needs.

But a learning portal is an access point to a central interface or repository between the learners and the extensive portfolio of the services offered by the learning partner. This must be omnichannel compatible. We are also adept, and experts are helping you build a learning portal by identifying what works best based on your learning strategy, vision, and overall organizational goals.

Some of the collaterals include e-textbooks, e-workbooks, educational videos, e-tests, Adaptive Learning Courses, Gamification Components, Game-Based Learning Courses, Learner Analytics, Learning Paths, eLearning courses, Microlearning Courses, Open Educational Resources (OERs), VR-based courses, Audio files, Video files, Interactive Videos, Infographics, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Podcasts, FAQs, Tips n Tricks, User Guides, Administrator Guides, Quick Help Guides, API Guides, Learning Strategy Frameworks, Checklists, Reference Manuals, etc.

Some of the benefits of setting up a learning portal include:

  1. Massive boost in credibility during recruitment drives and employee onboarding.
  2. Higher probability of retention amongst employees.
  3. Expansion and diversification options in lateral job prospects and career growth.
  4. Company-wide announcement hub for rewards, recognitions, and accolades.
  5. Catalyst to aid in the development of R&D and Innovation Hubs in the organization.

Finally, for some reason, let’s say you are not sure of the objective you wish to achieve by having a learning portal, there is nothing to worry. That is exactly where our Learning and Training Consultants come in to walk with you to refine, reshape and recreate the objectives. You could also add interactive elements, blogs, wikis and social media interactivities to the learning portal to facilitate people to people interaction and promote social learning.