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“Creativity, problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking, decision making, risk-taking, all are found in game-based learning” – Mark Grundel

Gamification & Game Based Learning

How ‘Gamification’ and ‘Game-based Learning’ add value?

Let’s look at differentiating both these amazing learning experience enhancers.

Gamification refers to the strategy of using elements and mechanics usually found in games in designing learning solutions. For example, awarding badges on completion of assessments or providing a timer to a quiz question to add a challenge for the learner. Gamification makes the learning experience motivating and engaging for the learners.

Game-based learning on the other hand is the use of a game to achieve a specific learning objective. For example, the game of monopoly can be used to teach the skills of money management. The learners play the game and in the course of the gaming experience learn concepts and skills. The learning content is integrated into the context of the game. Because learning through games is fun, the retention of the concepts is also higher in Game-based learning.

What value does Gamification bring to learners?

Gamification solutions help the learner understand the content better and lead to better performance. We believe in game thinking, which means we provide a solution by asking the right questions, getting the appropriate answers, and incorporating feedback for creating the best engaging game-based course possible.

How do learners benefit from ‘Game-based Learning’?

A high level of motivation and engagement is brought in, in this form of learning. Problem-solving also gets faster with high levels of effectiveness being seen.

Why should organizations and L&D teams invest in ‘Gamification’ and ‘Game-based Learning’?

With Gamification, there is increased engagement and improved retention. Recognition for achievements and progress to stage-wise challenging stages are key inclusion.

Organizations must also invest in Game-based learning as it gives a sense of advancement to the employees. Employees get to learn something new by feeling in charge of the whole training. This in turn results in executing the tasks effortlessly and thereby performing the best at what they know.

Doing well and having a sense of autonomy is what underlines improved ROI.

What are the benefits of ‘Gamification’?

The moment we say gamification, it gets exciting for all. Let’s see why.

Engaging Brain-chemistry

Enterprise gamification isn’t all fun and entertainment. In fact, there is sound science behind it. Dozens of neurochemicals are involved when a person plays a game. One of them being Dopamine. Dopamine is a “happy chemical” hormone that is triggered when a person is happy. Dopamine keeps a person motivated. In the world of games, winning a prize, earning points, and climbing levels produces a dopamine hit that creates a good mood vibe. This in turn reduces the stress on employees.

Instant Feedback Cycles

Millennial employees do not have the patience to wait for quarterly feedback. They want feedback now when it’s relevant. Gamification features like unlockable achievements give employees instant feedback whenever they do something positive. Badges can also be assigned to specific pieces of content, like assessments. Instantly receiving a shiny new badge keeps the employee motivated to learn.

Also, by integrating gamification into enterprise tracking applications, gamification not only provides immediate performance feedback but also guides them as to what to do next.

To Develop Specific Skills

Thanks to gamification, companies can now focus on developing specific skills in their team. Gamifying training programs will be useful to make employees improve those essential aspects to progress in several areas: leadership, stress management, communication skills, negotiation skills, etc.

What advantages does ‘Game-based Learning’ provide?

Combining critical thinking with Game-based learning is a powerful learning strategy. This combination drives performance. Different learning styles can be catered to using this approach. The obvious amazing outcome is being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses.

How can Tesseract Learning help you leverage both ‘Gamification’ and ‘Game-based Learning’ strategies for effective learning?

Tesseract Learning combines its deep expertise in game-based instructional design and visual design to create immersive, engaging, and memorable gamification and game-based learning solutions.

When we analyze any game-based requirement, we brainstorm on the “learnability quotient “of the game. A learning game can truly engage or help the audience learn only when it has sufficient learning value which is tied to the objectives of the game.

For example, if we create a game on credit analysis and sanctioning loans, the objective could be to make the learner apply the concept learnt to become a better judge of the credit structure of a prospect. The learner encounters all the standard gaming elements such as mission, points, badges, false flags, dead-ends, information, and so on. However, at the same time through feedback or other tools, the learner is provided information on how to correctly analyze the creditworthiness of a prospect.

While the game takes its course, the learning also happens at the same time. Feedback and repetition should be provided to ensure that the learner restarts the game if the objectives are not met.

Through Gamification, we work towards capturing the interest of learners and setting the stage alight for them to continue their learning journey. If Game-based learning impacts a chapter within a topic which we do well, we can impact the entire topic through Gamification too.

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