Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Enhanced experiences for immersive eLearning

Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of imagination – Frank Biocca

Words of encouragement

I work with Tesseract because I trust the team there. They take ownership of the work they do, and they are more like a teammate than a vendor. They are always up to date on the latest learning trends and technologies, so they are a wonderful thought partner on projects.
Senior Learning Lead, CSAA Insurance
The team were very responsive to our organisations needs, whilst also providing valuable input from their past experience in this field when required.
Learning Manager, leading K-12 education company

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are increasingly being adopted to deliver training. Virtual Reality has been there for quite some time now. However, with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality added to the mix, we have created exciting new possibilities in the immersive learning space.

VR technology immerses your learners in new environments, reduces risk and enables deep learning. AR helps with just-in-time learning by providing training to learners at their fingertips.

Whether you need to provide safe environment to train your employees on topics such as Safety, Hazardous environments or providing product presentations, sales simulations, operation and repair maintenance, we have you covered. You can deliver these training using a URL on a headset, PC or phone seamlessly.


AR & VR Implementations

Traditionally Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies were used more for gaming and movie experiences. Augmented Reality is used to provide more layers to real world objects to obtain more information. With prices of wearable glasses and headsets reducing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will become more affordable for organizations willing to experiment with them. Besides, with browser compatible VR and AR solutions, the adoption of these solutions will be multi-fold in the coming years.

Enhance learner experience using AR&VR solutions

Our Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions deliver more value for your requirements in the following ways:

Our AR & VR solutions are for practical needs

The application of AR/VR in the learning space is picking up. VR will continue to be used for teaching skills for handling high-risk tasks and performing complex procedures, while AR will be used to trigger just-in-time learning. A typical scenario of AR would be a learner wanting to learn more about a device, technology, or a place. Using a QR code, the learner can scan the object and get more information about it. We believe that AR/VR should solve practical problems of here and now and that is where we come in by understanding your pain points and providing realistic solutions.

Increasing engagement for learners

When implementing an AR/VR solution, we ask ourselves, “Will this work in improving learners’ performance?” We focus on how we can help the learners remember the content well and apply it on the job. The beauty of an AR/VR based solution is their versatility and realism. AR/VR solutions are similar to gamification solutions in terms of immersive nature and help learners engage with the content better.

Create just-in-time learning

Whether it is an induction program or a deep dive into a risk zone, our AR/VR solutions address your needs and help create highly immersive learning experiences. 

Every creative solution we create, we ensure that it is memorable and action-oriented.