Custom eLearning Solutions for Effective Training Development

Is your eLearning customized to promote optimal performance?

For the right learner engagement, employee training should deliver optimum learning experiences. With our learning design expertise and experience, we can combine your business needs and match them with learners’ expectations to deliver innovative custom eLearning experiences.

We stay competitive with the demanding environment of today by ensuring that the most effective and efficient practices across industries are always in our line of view. Custom eLearning is extremely rewarding for all stakeholders involved provided targeted learning outcomes are met.

Custom eLearning

What is ‘Custom eLearning’?

Custom learning is a solution tailored to meet learners' specific learning needs. It is also known as Bespoke Learning. It is created to bridge the learning gaps that may have been identified by the business in discussion with the L&D team. These learning courses are created to bridge the gap.

What value does ‘Custom eLearning’ bring to learners?

Custom eLearning has better memorability and customized activities and interactions that create better engagement. Thus, Custom eLearning or Bespoke eLearning courses help learners understand various concepts better. Custom eLearning solution is customized to the learner’s needs and thus is unique to a particular learning need. For example, a custom game on sustainability with company-specific examples and case studies (meaning what the company does in sustainability) is far more effective than a generic course on the topic that is found in the off-the-shelf libraries. The custom course has company branding, examples, and case studies that the employees can relate to.

Why should organizations and L&D teams invest in ‘Custom eLearning’?

Today’s learners have high expectations, and it is a constant challenge for the L&D teams to keep up with the learners’ demands and engage them while pushing their performance to the next level.

eLearning is a proven delivery model with the potential to transform any organization. It is a daunting task to choose from a plethora of learning strategies available, plus the tools and technologies to consider for implementation. We understand this challenge and work with your team to understand your business needs, audience expectations, and technology environments.

When it comes to Custom eLearning solutions, learning is tailored to the needs of the employees. This keeps them self-motivated to continue the learning journey. The byproduct of this, being increased productivity in the workplace, eventually leading to better loyalty toward the organization.

What does ‘Custom eLearning’ mean for L&D efficiency?

Custom content also translates to customized performance support, which can either be done via the platform hosting the content or KPIs defined based on the targeted outcome of the content. This also includes the creation of targeted assessment plans. All this collectively leads to an increased ROI. And our clients’ first approach, blends all these elements to elevate L&D beyond what people perceive.

What are the benefits of ‘Custom eLearning’?

To get what you want as you see it, takes effort but we always pull it off.

Increase Productivity and ROI by Aligning Training to Your Business Goals

After due diligence on your training requirements, budget, and timelines, our experts recommend suitable learning strategies based on sound instructional design, graphic design, and media methodologies. This improves productivity and creates a positive ROI by enabling your learners to develop and sustain core skills and competencies.

Aligned to Your Branding

Our Custom eLearning solutions are tailor-made to suit your branding requirements. When creating learning experiences, why compromise on the look and feel? Use our expertise to create learning experiences that help your employees resonate with the brand and your aesthetics, vision, and values.

Robust Process

We follow a robust process with multi-layered quality checks to ensure timely quality delivery. We involve you at imperative stages of the development cycle to ensure that the solution is shaping up as per your expectations.

Convert Your Face-to-Face Learning to eLearning

We specialize in converting your reliable face-to-face learning to eLearning to make it scalable through eLearning by engaging learning experiences, on the device of learner choice for delivery anywhere anytime.

Implement Diverse Learning Approaches

Bring in learning modalities suited to your learner profile. In some form, these could be virtual labs and VR. At other times, these could be scenario-based learning, branching scenarios, and timed assessments, to increase the levels of flexibility. This allows learning content to be made available in various formats.

How can Tesseract Learning help you leverage ‘Custom eLearning’ for effective learning?

Our team of learning architects work closely with your team on every aspect of the course development cycle. This approach helps in delivering high-quality courses aligned with your business goals.

Our methodologies and strategies involve the incorporation of innovative interaction modes, captivating simulation components, and more, breaking the mundane monotonous training routines. We include real-life content in the courses we create. This enables every layer of the workforce to learn from what they have experienced.

“The most important principle for designing lively eLearning is to see eLearning design not as information design but as designing an experience.” – Cathy Moore.
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