Learning Ecosystem

Learning Ecosystem

One learning system will not suffice today, you need a learning ecosystem to drive business results.

A learning ecosystem brings together individuals, information, process, tools, and technologies, existing both within and outside of an organization to deliver an integrated data-driven learning solution.

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You may be using different tools and technologies to support your Learning and Development. Be it content creation using different authoring tools, hosting solutions to host and deliver varied content, collaboration tools, performance evaluation and tracking and administration tools. Learning happens everywhere and a good ecosystem brings all these elements together seamlessly.

The learning ecosystem is always built primarily on 5 key elements: People, Content, Technology and Data.

  1. People: They are the voice of the learning ecosystem and the people who utilize the various capabilities.
  2. Content: They are the LMS courses, certifications obtained, videos, community interactions, and other collaterals.
  3. Technology: They are the learning experiences, driven by the Learning Experience Platform (LXP). LXP is a single point of contact that can curate and aggregate content, creating learning paths and enhance skills.
  4. Data: This is critical as it helps analyze the behavior of learners. The data will help organizations to understand how, where and when the learning takes place and what type of content has been accessed. This gives the L&D and other related departments to make informed decisions on the type of training courses and learning journeys that need to be created.

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Why a Learning Ecosystem

A learning ecosystem unifies all your content, tool, and technologies together and provide a seamless learning experience to your learners daily. Using a single front-end, learners can access formal content from your LMS or subscriptions, informal learning from the web, video libraries or other sources and have a great learning experience.

A learning ecosystem can be the front door for all the knowledge sharing and learning activities within your organization. By integrating all the systems, you can standardize the data capture on the learning activity to gain insights on the impact the learning has on your organization’s performance.

A good learning ecosystem should provide a great user experience and maximize your investment by ensuring that the flow and access to information is easy and provide a unparalled learning experience to your learners.

We help build single sign-on capabilities using SAML or OAuth. This helps to have single repository, where all the user data resides. In addition to this, we build custom portals to on-board employees and manage their training needs through the creation of smart learning paths.

How Can We Help You In Developing Your Learning Ecosystem?

Every organization has its own culture, and we understand that every organization will have some sort of learning ecosystem. It may be at a different level of complexity or maturity with some connected tools, systems, and processes, or may not have any interconnected tools, systems, and processes or in-between.

With our expertise, you can build upon your current learning ecosystem. We have a demonstrated process for analyzing and building the right design strategies and work with you in building a comprehensive learning ecosystem.

We support you from the initial evaluation until the final roll-out by:

  1. Sharing success stories.
  2. Educating you on learning ecosystems.
  3. Supporting data extraction based on various learning elements.
  4. Creating a social learning community promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  5. Evaluating various options and assess ways in which your organization can benefit the most.
  6. Conducting discovery sessions to understand your current content, process, tools, and systems.
  7. Providing the required intel to create a business case to start the learning ecosystem development.