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Benefits of Using a Microlearning Platform Like KREDO

May 14, 2021
Krishna Kumar Palapetty

I’m sure you all know that most of the time, when it comes to getting to know about something new, it always starts with discovery and learning. And today, education and technology have advanced to such a stage in the phase of human existence, where we search swiftly and consume the required data, bite-size. So are our learning patterns which has also become bite-sized, to consume just the relevant amount of information to help learners achieve a specific goal or a set of goals. This is also known as Microlearning.

KREDO & Microlearning

Have you ever asked yourself this question? How can we deliver impactful Microlearning to modern learners efficiently?

KREDO is your most dependable answer, the reason being, it is now and the future. KREDO helps to:

  1. Reduce the turnover rate of new hires.
  2. Increase adherence to compliance-based matters.
  3. Drive efficiencies in managing customers and delivering services.
  4. Develop the talent within the organization to take on larger organizational roles.

As a Microlearning Platform, KREDO is par excellence. It is not an LMS but it’s still in-depth, functionally speaking. It’s not an LXP either but looks amazingly sleek and engaging to the learner. We are sure that your learners’ will stay glued. With KREDO, you don’t need to think about how to fit your processes in. On the contrary, the platform follows the path where execution is based on a one size fits all. KREDO’s flexibility defines its long-term durability and sustainability.

We know what different generations want, we especially know what the Millennials want, and for certain we know what you want. The training content is created to one’s own need, and is easily available, both in formal and informal formats.

KREDO is Unique

Let’s take a look at what KREDO offers, but beyond doubt, KREDO’s user experience and intuitive platform, makes KREDO stand a class apart.

1. Accessible: You can access courses anywhere, anytime, on devices of your choice. Right at your fingertip. Multi-device delivery including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

2. Affordable: You get a platform that is light weight, for an unlimited number of users and easy to build on which is precisely why you will always feel light on your pocket.

3. Agile: You become an Author and create courses that drive the audience towards excellence. Through KREDO, efficiency and productivity notch up to a whole new level.

4. Engaging: You will have an experience that is out of this world. What you ask is what you get with our custom templates and templates of your choice.

5. Learners Choice: Your choice of how the course should look like and how a gamification component should wow the learner is what we have for you to explore.

6. Maximum Impact: Your internal systems do not get left out. We integrate with Learning Management Systems, Experience Platforms, Reporting Tools, Analytics Tools, User Profile Systems, etc. The content created in KREDO is designed to teach a specific behaviour, skill or piece of knowledge and produce a specific outcome which positively impacts the learning and application of what has been learned by quickly bringing about behavioural change.

Quick Recall: You have a very innovative way to recollect key details about all that you learnt, through Memory Boosters.

Transfer of Learning: You have focused learning objectives defined through even more granular learning paths making comprehension easier without much effort.

KREDO has the capability of easily transforming from an in-house product to a custom solution that solves a specific need in your industry, most impKREDO has the capability of easily transforming from an in-house product we have to a custom solution that solves a specific need in your industry, most importantly addresses your business problems. All this done through Microlearning as the strategy. Our platform allows immediate feedback to be given, both for the courses and the platform as a whole, thereby giving learners’ a sense of accomplishment. Microlearning is the future, here to stay and our platform is what will help you build that foundation.


In addition to KREDO’s amazing capabilities, we also focus on diversity bringing together learners’ from across different geographies through a process of collaboration, partnership, and community, thereby creating a unique identity. The development and deployment follow a much shorter cycle than the traditional training assets. Our platform helps to ‘Cut to the chase’ by doing away with the long-drawn explanations, the unnecessary clutter, and the complicated theories. We deliver the ‘how-to’ right away as we know for a fact that your learners are looking for just-in-time solutions.

To know more about our services and how we can help you, contact us or write to me directly at

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